In My Garage

This is where you, the ARA member, strut your stuff! Alfa stuff, that is. We encourage you to send us photos and a short story on how you fell in love with Alfa Romeos. We'll post the photos here in the form of a slideshow for all to enjoy, and you story immediately below. Not too wordy, please (a paragraph or two will do)!

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Steve Fields and his three Alfas.

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Patrick Hung and his three Alfas.

I didn't fall in love with an Alfa, but with a '67 MGB, when I went trolling for one in the Chronicle one day. No B's listed, but there was a '71 Alfa Spider. I bought it, fell in love with the twin-cam, and kept buying (and selling). I now have a '59 Sprint, '63 Spider, and a recently-acquired '67 GT Junior, having previously owned a '71 Spider, GTV, and '67 Sprint GT Veloce. I think that's enough.