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2017 Giulia parts/accessories
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I have the following listed below for sale. I had a 2 year lease on my TI and recently turned it back in (Need bigger family car for may daily as we had another child) so I will no longer have use for these items. Don't worry I still have my '71 GTV as a fun car! I had the staggered wheels (8 inch front, 9 inch rear) and using the 5mm in the rear was perfect. I also had 17mm in the front but those spacers are already sold. Made the wheels sit flush with the body and did not rub anywhere. I bought the wheel stud kit and never ended up putting them on the car so they are literally brand new. The pedal amp really helps take out any lag and I think was a huge improvement. I would prefer not to ship these items and just meet up somewhere in the South Bay. 

5mm spacers including longer wheel bolts (Qty 2) - asking $30
Otis LA Black Zinc Stud and Lugnut Kit (Qty 20) - asking $120 ($150 retail from Eurocompulsion)
Novitec GP1 Throttle Amplifier - asking $150 ($239 retail from Centerline)
Custom fit sunshade - asking $40 ($80 retail from Centerline) - will throw in for free if you buy the lugnut kit or throttle amp.

I am located in San Jose, CA will be the most efficient way to contact me. Thanks

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